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Medicare Advantage (MA) and (MA-PDs)

Medicare Advantage Plans are health plans that are approved by Medicare and provided by private companies. Medicare sets the rules for Medicare Advantage Plans and regulates the private companies who operate the Plans.

Medicare Advantage Plans are also sometimes referred to as Medicare Health Plans, Medicare Part C Plans, and MAs/MA-PDs (and originally, Medicare Advantage Plans were called Medicare+Choice plans). A Medicare AdvantagePlan combines your Medicare Hospitalization (or Medicare Part A) and Medical insurance or Doctor's Visit Coverage (or Medicare Part B) into one Health Plan that provides the same Medically-Necessary Services as Original Medicare. Some, but not all Medicare Advantage Plans also offer Prescription Drug Coverage (or Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B and Medicare Part D) at no additional cost and are called MA- PDs.

What are the types of Medicare Advantage Plans?

There are only a few primary types of Medicare Advantage Plans and most of the different Medicare Advantage Plans may also include prescription drug coverage:

How does a person choose a Medicare Advantage Plan?

It is of course important to compare the benefits between your current coverage and the Medicare Advantage Plan. Be sure that you understand the additional benefits and any benefits (or freedoms) that you may loose. In general, we usually remind people to look at the Cost, Coverage, Convenience, Company reputation, and Comments from other Members. In particular, be sure to look at the following: