William Bosher

ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT “ALL!” Many agents are captive only offering one product often at a substantially greater cost for the same policy. We shop several Companies in order to find the most competitive alternative for you.

Independent Benefits LLC
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About William Bosher

 My long career has embodied the ethics and philosophy of the Lloyds’ of London community, namely "Utmost Good Faith". I worked there for 40+ years specializing in my North American clientele.
 I have been an Executive of various Lloyds’ Brokers, responsible for innovative placement of a multitude of risks, which gives me a unique understanding of how best to match insurance products to my clients' needs.
 As a Senior Citizen I have now chosen to consult to the "senior marketplace" giving me a unique perspective of the needs of my peers, and the solutions available by representing many insurance companies. "One size definitely does not fit every need." All Insurance companies chose to represent segments of the "marketplace" - I aim to match individuals to the company that best fits their circumstances.

Email: independentbenefitsllc@gmail.com

We also offer all P&C solutions for individuals and businesses: For P&C solutions please call my colleague John Allen on (972) 758-9300 OR email him jallen@communityadvisors.com

 Licensed in Texas for P&C; General Lines, Life, Health, Medicare etc. Lic # 1698765. NPI # 2711744. AHIP certified for 2014/15/16